The first A Plague Tale: Requiem performance analysis has landed, and it provides a pretty detailed look at how the game is running across all systems. While it's somewhat disappointing that currently, the console versions don't contain a 60FPS option, there's another useful option present for some users.

Basically, if you're running the console version of Requiem on a 120Hz TV or monitor (and your refresh rate is set to 120Hz in the Xbox Settings menu), the game automatically switches to 40FPS, rather than 30FPS on a 60Hz display. This is a fairly new technique that's starting to crop up in the console space as 120Hz TVs become more widespread; we've seen it deployed across a few PS5 exclusives so far this generation.

Both the 30FPS and 40FPS modes run pretty well across the pair of Xbox consoles, which is good news despite the lack of a high performance mode. We have to admit we didn't feel too much of a difference with the 40FPS mode during our review playtime, but it's still nice to see a bit of extra power being squeezed out of Xbox Series X and S.

When it comes to resolution, the game sits at 1080p on Xbox Series S and 1440p on Xbox Series X. There are some other visual differences between the two Xbox consoles as well, but the resolution gap is pretty small with this one! In our experience, the game looked absolutely stunning on Xbox Series X.

What do you make of these results? Disappointed in the lack of 60FPS here? Let us know in the comments!