We've got another game to add to the Xbox Game Pass list for October 2022, as Chivalry 2 has been announced as heading to the service this Tuesday, October 4th! The news was revealed on Twitter earlier today.

In Chivalry 2, you'll compete in multiplayer battles (up to 64 players) on medieval battlefields.

Here's how we described the game when we went hands-on last year:

"If you're unaware of what Chivalry 2 is, imagine the concept of Battlefield, but instead of military action, you're engaging in large scale melee battles that would give Game of Thrones a run for its money. You'll charge into battle, complete objectives, and lop off a lot of limbs. It's bloody, frantic, and a hell of a lot of fun."

Look out for Chivalry 2 on Xbox Game Pass this Tuesday, hopefully along with more surprise additions!

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