Xbox Series S
Image: Xbox

Xbox has been trying to crack the Japanese market for some time now, and it seems it's recently had some sales success according to the latest Famitsu sales data.

Between September 9th and September 18th, the Xbox Series S hardware managed to shift 13,211 units. This is seemingly one of its best weeks ever in Japan - outselling the PlayStation 5 (8,739 units) and the digital model (2,441 units). It's apparently the third time the Xbox Series has ever outsold the PS5 in Japan.

Admittedly, the Xbox Series X was lagging well behind the Series S model with just 866 units sold. Xbox Series S has now sold an estimated total of 178,457 units in Japan, and Xbox Series X has shifted around 159,791 units. The week before this, Xbox Series S sold just 284 units.

A few factors appear to be in play here. Firstly, Xbox was "offering a special 5,000 yen coupon" discount for Series S in Japan. And this took place alongside the announcement of the PS5 price increase (by 5,500 yen) in Japan (via @Genki_JPN) - creating the perfect sales storm for Microsoft.

Xbox also put on a good display at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show - with a series of announcements for Xbox Game Pass.

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