Stalker 2

Back in June, Xbox launch exclusive Stalker 2 saw another unfortunate delay into 2023, in large part due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Beyond next year as a rough launch window, we have no inclination as to exactly when the game will release, and now Microsoft doesn't seem so certain either.

As spotted by Polish site XGP, Xbox seems to be cancelling existing digital pre-orders of Stalker 2 due to uncertainty about when the game will actually come out.

At the moment, Xbox hasn't addressed this publicly, and we have no reason to believe the game has been delayed beyond its previous '2023' launch estimate. Even so, it's not exactly reassuring when pre-orders seem to be getting cancelled at this stage.

For now, the game is still on track to hit Xbox Game Pass on day one, and as long as we don't see another Victoria 3 situation, that should remain the case at launch, whenever that may be.

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