wo long fallen dynasty game pass

We don't know too much about the Xbox Game Pass lineup for 2023 just yet, but Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is one of the biggest day one launches announced for next year so far. Team Ninja's upcoming action game looks a blast to play, and it seems the Japanese developer is pretty excited about the team's first Game Pass launch.

In a Tokyo Game Show 2022 interview with MP1st, the game's producer Fumihiko Yasuda talked about the game's Xbox Game Pass release, and how the team will benefit from being included in the service right from the off. Here's a snippet of what he said:

While we’re making a really, really hard game and we’re not sure what everyone will think of that, but by making it available day one on Game Pass so many players that maybe never played this game before will have a chance to do that and we’ll get even more players around the world than ever before.
So yeah, this is a big first for us at Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja as well and it’s something we’re really excited about.

There seems to be genuine excitement from the dev around a day one Game Pass launch and what it means for a new IP like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

For now, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty doesn't have a more specific launch date than sometime next year, but the team has just released a free demo for players to try out; available through September 26th.

Looking forward to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.

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