A few weeks ago, 343 Industries released its first in a series of Halo Infinite videos showcasing the game's Forge mode.

The latest episode has now been released, and this time around it focuses on scripting and bots - including a look at nodes and much more. Here's the rundown via Halo Waypoint, and above is the full video:

In our second video, we’re exploring new and improved features around scripting, node graphs, and Bot support on Forge maps.

Michael Schorr, Forge Lead Designer, and Connor Kennelly, Technical Designer, dive into the fundamentals of scripting: what is it, how can I use it, what sort of things does it enable me to do with my maps, and how has it been made more accessible from how it’s previously appeared in Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 5? And, most importantly: how do I use scripting to make my assault rifle shoot rockets?

Of course, as you’re building things, you’re going to want to try them out as well. Michael and Connor detail how you can test your scripts in the newly added Test Mode, and how you can also get a good feel for how your map plays with the addition of Bots—as well as the “nav mesh” which directs how Bots can move around your custom maps.

You can see the original video showcasing the basics of building in our original post. The latest video will be followed by a video about lighting and audio, and then file sharing and canvases.

The Forge Beta will launch in Halo Infinite on November 8th. Looking forward to trying it out? Tell us below.