Microsoft Rewards: How To Claim 2000 Bonus Points On Xbox In September 2

It's that time again! We're big fans of the Microsoft Rewards program here at Pure Xbox, which allows you to complete tasks in order to earn redeemable points which can be spent on gift cards, donations and much more.

September 2022's "Monthly Bonus Round" challenge has just begun, and by satisfying a few easy requirements by September 15th, you can top up your account by another 2010 points (around £2 / $2).

You'll find this punch card on the Microsoft Rewards app for console, and here's what you'll need to do:

  • Complete a Microsoft Bing search on five separate days
  • Complete 3 "daily sets" (accessible via Microsoft Bing)
  • Earn 3 achievements in Xbox One / Series X / Series S games
  • Complete a weekly set
  • Complete the poll for 10 extra points

In addition, there's also a new "Refresh Your Memory" punchcard on the Microsoft Rewards website right now that you can complete for an extra 150 points, along with a new punchcard for earning 2500 points when buying or renting certain films on the Microsoft Store throughout September.

If you're new to the Microsoft Rewards program, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of obtaining points - you can also earn hundreds per-day by completing Bing searches on PC and mobile, earning Achievements in Xbox games, finding Weekly Treasures, pre-ordering specific games and much more.

Note: Not available in all regions. Full regional details have not been provided by Microsoft.

How are you getting on with Microsoft Rewards? Let us know down in the comments.

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