Krafton, the Korean company behind the hugely popular battle royale PUBG, has showcased a concept trailer for one of its upcoming projects. As you can see by the trailer title, the game currently has no name attached, but we do know the project is based on the Korean novel series 'The Bird That Drinks Tears'.

The clip shows no actual gameplay and is more of a tone piece than anything else. Still, it certainly has a distinct vibe, with a much more fantastical backdrop than anything we've seen in the PUBG universe thus far.

Speaking of which, this new concept isn't to be confused with The Callisto Protocol, which was once a PUBG spin-off as well until developer Striking Distance Studios separated the title from anything PUBG-related.

Still, Krafton is clearly trying to build some sort of PUBG universe, and we're intrigued to see where this untitled project ends up in the future.

What do you think to this trailer? A neat introduction or a bit pointless until we see proper gameplay? Let us know!