Phil Spencer Passionately Defends Xbox Game Pass Over Call Of Duty Concerns

As we've already mentioned today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was recently interviewed by CNBC on a wide variety of topics as part of Tokyo Game Show 2022, including Sony's recent concerns with the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

Spencer talked about various matters relating to the deal during a short segment, and had some particularly enthusiastic responses to a question about whether putting Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass could "create problems" for Sony and owners of PlayStation consoles if the ActiBlizz deal goes through.

In short, he thinks Game Pass embodies what competition is about:

"When I look at something like Game Pass specifically, I think it's the output of competition in our market. We sat back as Microsoft and Xbox and we thought, 'how can we innovate and create value for players', and we came up with a new model for customers building out their library of games, and gamers love it."

"I think that's what competition is about. Competition is about driving competitors to innovate, driving competitors to do new things like cloud, like subscriptions, like building new intellectual property. Everything we've been focused on is, 'how do we compete effectively [and] how do we deliver more to our customers?'"

And yeah, we get it! The line of questioning doesn't seem to make much sense when PlayStation already has its own PlayStation Plus subscription service anyway, and to be fair to Sony, it doesn't sound like the company is overly fussed about Call of Duty being on Xbox Game Pass - it just wants the series to stick around on PlayStation, too.

Interesting comments nonetheless! What do you make of them? Tell us down below.