Kojima Xbox Phil Spencer

We're always keen to see where Phil & co. are visiting, especially when it could hint at what's to come in the world of Xbox. Well, late last week it appears that Phil Spencer, along with Sarah Bond and a bunch of other Team Xbox members, visited Hideo Kojima's studio; Kojima Productions, ahead of the team's upcoming Xbox project.

It's safe to say we're pretty excited about this meeting, even if we know very little about the game itself right now. Just the fact that Xbox is working with Kojima & co. is enough for us, and looking at these pics, Phil seems pretty excited about it too!

Some may recognise that particular Kojima Productions figure; Phil teased Xbox's Kojima collab months ago when the figure appeared on his home shelving during the work from home era. Clearly, they were both in on the Xbox tease!

What do you want to see from the Xbox-Kojima project? Let us know in the comments!