Here's What's Included In September 2022's Xbox Updates For PC 2

Xbox has highlighted some new features coming to PC users in September 2022, including the rollout of HowLongToBeat integration beginning today! You can find out more details below courtesy of Xbox Wire.

Pick Your Next PC Game Pass Game with HowLongToBeat

"If you’re in the mood for something you can crush in a day or two, or maybe looking for your next long-term game, you can view the details for the game to help decide what to download and play next. Check out the category that best matches your play style."

"You can click ‘View Details’ to submit your own times, manage your library of games, and help aid gamers around the world in their pursuit to conquer their backlog! You’ll also find additional insights on how people play including community reviews, playthrough notes, and data breakdowns by platform and playstyle."

Faster App Launch and Improved App Performance

"With the most recent update, the app now launches up to 15% faster, and we’ve also made some fixes for overall better responsiveness when you interact with key experiences in the app.

We’ve seen crash-free sessions improve to 99.9%, and player reports of games that didn’t download or didn’t install successfully reduced by nearly half. We’ve also focused on increased relevance for search results, and getting results back is now up to 20% faster."

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