Here's What's Included In The Xbox September 2022 Update

The first (and potentially only?) major Xbox update of September 2022 has begun rolling out publicly to all users outside of the Insider rings this week, and it comes with some notable features that we think are worth highlighting.

We've pointed them out below, and we'll update this list if more features are announced later in September. Keep in mind that Insiders are getting far more updates than this at the moment - these are just the new features for all users.

Party Chat Noise Suppression

"We’ve added noise suppression to parties on Xbox Series X|S consoles to help remove unwanted noises like gamepad clicks, breathing, and background noise from your parties.

If you want to keep some types of background noise in your parties, like music, you can also turn noise suppression off. Just open the guide, scroll to Parties & chats, and select Options. There you can enable or disable noise suppression."

Jump Into A Game From Your Friends' Shared Captures

"Now the friends you share your game clips and screenshots with can not only watch your captures, they can start playing right away on their mobile device or PC with cloud gaming. (Some games require Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cloud gaming.)

Just tap Play and start playing directly in a browser, straight from a shared clip."

Along with brand-new features, there also appear to be some general improvements across the board:

Excited for any of these features? Let us know in the comments below.