Forza Horizon 4 Game Pass

A Forza series community manager has squashed concerns over Forza Horizon 4 potentially being delisted in the coming months. In a Forza forum thread discussing Horizon 4's 'end of life' status, community manager T10ManteoMax (as their forum name goes) had this to say about the future of Playground's fourth Forza Horizon game:

Hey everyone, no need to worry, we’re not planning on delisting Forza Horizon 4 anytime soon!

Past series entries, like Forza Horizon 2 and 3, vanished from digital storefronts roughly four years after launch; two years after their respective successors released. It's looking like this won't be the case for FH4 anyway, as its own 'end of life' period would be due next month, roughly four years after it first arrived on Xbox One.

There's no concrete reason given as to why Forza Horizon 4 is different to any other past entry (or even any delisted Forza Motorsport game for that matter) but it remaining live makes sense. It was the very first Forza title to launch onto Xbox Game Pass (where it currently remains), and it was the first to evolve into a live service too.

Whatever the reason, we're glad to see FH4 remain live and active for the foreseeable future, as its one of the very best games in the Forza series!

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