We've highlighted this upcoming fantasy RPG a few times now on Pure Xbox - it is coming to Game Pass at launch after all! However, an extended gameplay sequence has just been released by developer A44 Games, giving us a more in-depth look at this 2023 addition.

The gameplay looks at combat primarily, across a selection of the game's varied landscapes. We must admit, this one is looking pretty impressive so far! Here's what the team is going for regarding its mechanics:

"With heavy, impactful combat, players must think carefully about their every strike. The soldiers of the Gods’ undead army are devastatingly strong, and their dark magic can turn the tides of battle with just a few strikes.

To defeat some of the most powerful beings in existence, players must utilize their full arsenal of tools - using black powder to its fullest extent and combining Nor’s agility with Enki’s most powerful magic to render enemies vulnerable and pick them apart one by one."

Now, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn does look a bit like 'yet another souls-like' when it comes to said combat, but the team is trying to put a more action-oriented spin on things by introducing advanced movement abilities and the like to mix things up. All in all, this is looking like another promising addition to Xbox Game Pass in 2023!

Are you looking forward to fighting in Flintlock? Let us know in the comments below.