Bethesda Fixes Pesky Skyrim Anniversary Main Menu Bug

Last November, Bethesda surprised The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans with a new Anniversary Edition of the game.

It added in fishing, creation club mods and much more to the console versions of the game, but also introduced some bugs. One, in particular, that's been causing some players issues is a bug that freezes the game's main menu. Fortunately, its latest patch update appears to have resolved this problem.

Here's the description of this via Bethesda support, as highlighted on the Xbox Series X subreddit:

"We resolved an issue where some players had issues accessing the Main Menu, Mods or the Creation Club in Skyim in a patch on September 15th, 2022."

Did you experience this problem at all in the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim? Has this latest patch resolved the problem? Leave a comment down below.