A Plague Tale: Requiem's Xbox Game Pass launch is less than a month away, and in a recent interview with PLAY magazine, an Asobo developer has revealed how long the team's upcoming sequel will be when it launches in October.

Lead Level Designer Kevin Pinson told PLAY (thanks MP1st), that players can expect roughly 15-18 hours from A Plague Tale: Requiem. The team is also aiming to avoid any real filler within the game's story campaign:

It’s about pacing, there’s no filler, there’s no trying to make it longer because we needed to [...] our publisher Focus Interactive encourages us to do the length that we want to do for the game for the story we want to tell. So we’re not aiming for a specific amount of hours.

15 hours without padding sounds like a good time to us, and given how focused A Plague Tale: Innocence was, we're not expecting any filler at all from Requiem to be honest. Asobo's upcoming adventure launches on October 18th, and it'll be available with Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Is this a day one play for you? Let us know if you're excited for Requiem down below!

[source mp1st.com]