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  • News GTA 6 Footage Appears To Leak Online, 90 Different Videos

    Update: Rockstar confirms the leak

    Update: Rockstar Games has now confirmed the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak is real! Read More: Rockstar Games Confirms GTA 6 Leak In Official Statement Original Story: In what could go down as one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, it looks like 90 videos of an early build from Grand Theft Auto 6 have suddenly...

  • Review Isonzo - A Brutally Brilliant Depiction Of WW1 Italy

    Rifles at the ready

    The 'WW1 Game Series' is back with another entry following the cult 2016 hit Verdun and its 2019 follow-up, Tannenberg. Isonzo takes the battle to the Italian Alps, which puts a veritably vertical spin on the realistic tug-of-war battles the series is now known for. This third entry doesn't reinvent the wheel by any stretch, but...

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