Xbox Wants To Know What Needs Improving About Microsoft Rewards

As much as we love Microsoft Rewards, it kind of feels like Xbox ignores the program a little bit at times. You never hear Phil Spencer talking about it, or Aaron Greenberg, or Sarah Bond... it's sitting off on the sidelines in some ways.

However, there is one member of Team Xbox who is fairly active in talking about Microsoft Rewards, and that's the Xbox Loyalty Marketing Lead, Daniel Martins. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter asking fans of Microsoft Rewards what they like about the program, as well as things they'd like to see improved in the future:

It's been a couple of days since this tweet, and Martins has received over 950 (!) replies in that time. Yesterday, he called the love for Microsoft Rewards "overwhelming and humbling", and thanked fans for their feedback.

There's still time though of course! If you want to let Daniel know what you think of Microsoft Rewards, we suggest replying to his original tweet (the one above). Feel free to also drop your comments down below as well if you want to!

What do you think needs improving about Microsoft Rewards? Let us know your thoughts.