Turbo Golf Racing Unveils Huge First Update And Content Roadmap For Xbox Game Pass

Turbo Golf Racing launched on Xbox Game Pass last week, and we've been having a lot of fun with it so far, albeit in short bursts. It's still in a "Game Preview" state after all, so the finished product won't be ready for another 12 months.

Even so, the developers are clearly working extremely hard at implementing post-launch content already. Just a week after the launch, we're now being treated to six new levels, a new car, new power cores and much more.

Here's all the new content available in Turbo Golf Racing as of today:

  • Six New Levels: Rocket Ramp; The Snake; Bunker Balls; Dual Route Dash; Neon Raceway; A Walk in the Woods
  • New Car: Whippy the Ice Cream Truck
  • New Active Power Core: Stomp - Stomps your car into the ground, sending your ball flying with great force (unlocked by clocking up 300 seconds of gliding in the online mode)
  • New Passive Power Core: Rough Rider - Car ignores the effects of long grass (unlocked by clocking up 300 seconds of driving through rough in the online mode)
  • New cosmetics
  • New emojis: Poop and Yawn emojis now replaced by Fire and Luck

In addition, we've also been treated to a highly ambitious roadmap of content for Turbo Golf Racing during its Xbox Game Preview phase, which includes lots more levels, a new biome, cross-platform parties, private lobbies, an improved Quest system, a Ranked mode, new game modes including Duos, in-game stats and a whole lot more!

Very impressive stuff, and we can't wait it to try all this out for ourselves.

Turbo Golf Racing Content Roadmap Xbox

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