Sea Of Thieves Season Seven Is (Mostly) Going Down A Treat So Far

The latest Sea of Thieves season dropped yesterday in the form of Season Seven, and we've seen plenty of excitement surrounding it so far, although there's also been a tiny bit of disgruntlement in the game's community.

Season Seven of Sea of Thieves adds Captaincy, which includes the ability to name your ship for the first time, as well as purchase new decorative options and browse the Captain's Logbook to view your accomplishments.

There's also a whole lot more, as detailed in the following tweet and trailer:

And as we say, the vast majority of players seem to have been having a blast so far.

The only real disgruntlement has centered around the "unreasonable grind" that some players have identified with milestones, as certain trophies are awarded for things like spending a lot of time sleeping or being on fire, for example.

Here's what one user had to say in a popular thread over on Reddit earlier this week:

"Lots of people enjoy grinding for things that seem rare and illusive - the gold hoarder curse comes to mind. The issue is when compared to other grinds within this game this is on a whole other level. 100 hours spent sleeping, or on fire!? It's completely unreasonable to expect people to dedicate 4 whole days of their life to something like this. Not a single person will attain this passively either."

It's not all good news, then, but the majority of players definitely seem to be having a good time with Sea of Thieves Season Seven so far. You can check it out for yourself right now on Xbox Game Pass — let us know what you think!

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