Random: Seriously, A New God Of War Game Just Appeared On Xbox
Image: War Gods Zeus of Child, Xbox Store

We'll happily admit that we'd love to see God of War Ragnarök on Xbox — even Phil Spencer can't wait to play it later this year — but in the meantime, a very different kind of God of War game has appeared on our platform!

The game is humorously titled War Gods Zeus of Child, and yeah... it doesn't look or sound good at all.

War Gods Zeus of Child is a great war game. Destroy all enemies and creatures with the Zeus War Gods of challange. Kill them all with your gun. Launch attacks with various combos. Reach the highest monster kills without dying. Feel the power of the warning god.

So, what's going on here? We've seen these sorts of things from time-to-time, with a hilariously bad Mario game called Supertan Marioner 3D Infinity World Adventures appearing on the Xbox Store earlier this year, for example.

They never last very long, often being pulled from the store when Microsoft finds out about them, so if you want to try the game for yourself, you probably don't have long before it disappears. Then again, do you really want to pay for this?

Have you found any other games like this on the Xbox Store lately? Tell us down in the comments below.

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