We've got a date for NHL 23! The latest entry in EA's series drops the puck on October 14th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and for the first time in the series history it'll support cross-play... but with some caveats.

Those caveats are that cross-play won't be implemented until November, it'll only work between console generations (so Xbox Series X, S and PS5 - or Xbox One and PS4), and it'll be limited to Hockey Ultimate Team and World of CHEL.

In any case, it's great to see cross-play being implemented — while other new features this year include improvements to arena presentation with upgraded crowd reactions and new celebrations, updates to goalie AI, lots and lots of new player animations and gameplay tweaks, the ability to customise your own franchise mode with a bunch of new options, and the introduction of female national teams and players in Hockey Ultimate Team!

Pre-orders are available beginning today, including a special "X-Factor Edition" with extra bonuses.

"EA SPORTS™ NHL 23 is greater together. Get the best players in the world on one lineup with the introduction of mixed women’s and men’s teams in HUT. Currently planned for November 2022, cross-platform matchmaking for players on the same platform generation in WOC will connect you with larger player pools for shorter queue times and more teams for your squad to square up against."

"And now, add to your highlight reel with over 500 new Last Chance Puck Movement gameplay animations that let you control how a play unfolds after any level of contact is taken, from performing passes out of stumbles to desperation shots from the ice. Plus, overhauled strategy systems allow you to easily gameplan and finetune your playmaking skills. So grab your friends and gear up for the most dynamic, connected, and visually rich version of Chel yet."

Will you be lacing up your skates in NHL 23 this October? Tell us in the comments below.