Halo Infinite's Battle Royale-Lite, Last Spartan Standing, Is Leaving Matchmaking

For Halo Infinite's second season, developer 343 Industries introduced 'Last Spartan Standing', a sort of Gun Game/Battle Royale mashup that provided quite a different experience to the rest of the multiplayer suite. Well, a few months later and the mode is already being rotated out of the matchmaking pool.

The team will be adding in two 'Team Doubles' playlists instead; one standard and one ranked option. 343 says removing Last Spartan Standing is to "help make room" for the new modes, suggesting the Battle Royale-like mode is one of Infinite's less popular offerings.

In fact, we're still curious as to whether Halo Infinite will be getting a proper Battle Royale option in future. A few months ago, reports were circling that codename 'Tatanka' was in the works for Halo Infinite; a proper full-scale battle royale. However, we've not heard anything on the reported project in a good few months at this stage.

For now, Team Doubles is the new playlist option while Last Spartan Standing falls by the wayside. We can't say we're hugely surprised by the move, if we're honest. We gave the battle royale-lite a quick spin on launch and found it pretty disappointing - clearly, we weren't alone there. Still, Team Doubles is a Halo classic and should fill the gap nicely.

What do you make of this? Should 343 add in a proper battle royale? Leave your thoughts down below.

[source halowaypoint.com]