One title that flew under the radar during last year's Game Awards ceremony is Arc Raiders. This free-to-play sci-fi shooter is being worked on by some of the folks that helped build the Battlefield series, including EA's Patrick Soderlund. Initially it was planned to launch this year, but like many other games, it's now slipped to 2023.

This update comes via the dev team on Twitter, who posted a brief message about Arc Raiders' unfortunate delay:

It sounds like the developer wants to get this one right though, which is commendable, especially for a new IP heading into the crowded free-to-play space. Soderlund & co. certainly won't want a repeat of Battlefield 2042's launch either, with DICE's latest shooter still struggling to get going almost a year later.

What do you make of this one? Looking forward to its launch next year? Drop your thoughts down below!