Embark Studios, the dev team put together by former Electronic Arts chief designer, Patrick Soderlund, has revealed its very first game, Arc Raiders, with a flashy trailer at last night's Game Awards.

A free to play sci-fi shooter, Arc Raiders' reveal shows us a game that looks very much like The Division meets War of the Worlds, with squads battling it out from a third person perspective against enormous mechanized aliens as they stomp around post-apocalyptic earth settings.

Arc Raiders Is A New Free-To-Play Shooter Coming To Xbox In 2022

We get the feeling that there's gonna be plenty of teamwork and co-operation through cooldown-based skills alongside lots of meaty shooting action with this one, and the trailer also hints at a little bit of stealth thrown into the mix too.

Speaking about the reveal trailer, Soderlund said:

"With this reveal, we want to celebrate gameplay and give players more than a hint of how Arc Raiders looks and what it feels like to play. Ultimately for a co-op action game like Arc Raiders, that's what matters the most. We look forward to sharing more about the game in the coming months,"

It's certainly got our attention, and we're looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up in the coming months.

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