Most Call of Duty fans have stuck with the series for so long due to the game's vast suite of multiplayer modes. It's only natural then, that each year, multiplayer gameplay is what we're all eager to see. Ahead of the series' 'Call of Duty Next' reveal event next month, developer Infinity Ward has shown an initial glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 online gameplay.

Oddly enough, this first look at the brand new 'Farm 18' map comes via the company's TikTok account... yeah, apparently they have one (we're too old to know). Anyway, aside from the weird aspect ratio that the platform delivers, the clips do provide our first glimpse at proper multiplayer gameplay.

There's not a lot to go on, admittedly, but what's here is looking good, if pretty familiar. Farm 18 looks very 'Modern Warfare 2019', although given the success of that reboot, we can see why. Still, in-game lighting looks like it's been improved a fair bit since then, and overall, the game seems to shaping up nicely ahead of its October 28th launch.

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