The tech experts over at Digital Foundry have gone hands on with Bright Memory: Infinite, breaking down each console version to see how they all stack up against PC. While PC — depending on your rig of course — is the clear winner, Xbox Series X stands out amongst the console crowd.

In pretty much every metric; general performance, resolution, stability in the 120Hz mode, Xbox Series X comes out on top over PS5, Xbox Series S and Switch. It's a very impressive showing, especially when we're talking 4K and 60FPS with ray tracing enabled!

Bright Memory Infinite On Xbox Series X: 'The Best Of The Bunch', Says DF 2

Things are pretty damn solid on Xbox Series S too. Sure it lacks the additional RT and 120Hz modes of the two more expensive consoles, but it's pretty much locked to 60FPS. Other videos labelled the Series S version "mindboggling", so we don't think it loses out too much by sticking to one performance mode.

In our review, where we stuck to the Xbox Series X version, we were hugely impressed by the ray tracing mode especially. Sadly, the rest of the game — beyond the visuals — doesn't hit quite as high standards, with the mechanics feeling a little shallow overall.

But, what do you think of Bright Memory: Infinite? Let us know down in the comments!