Battlefield 2042 is finally getting new content this week, after DICE spent most of the last several months applying bug-fixing patches. Season 1: Zero Hour for Battlefield 2042 arrives on June 9th, with an all-new map, battle pass, Specialist character and more.

The new map, Exposure, is set in a rough, mountainous region of Canada and reminds us a lot of 'Giants of Karelia' from Battlefield 4. Let's hope it plays like a map from that game too, as Battlefield 2042's base maps are still being re-worked as the game's seasons go on.

Season 1's new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, is an anti-vehicle soldier, bringing a player-guided rocket to proceedings, along with their 'Armor Hunter' ability which auto-spots nearby vehicles. As for other weapons and gadgets for season 1, there'll be a new marksman rifle, crossbow, smoke grenade launcher and two gunships, for use with any Specialist you choose.

Bf 2042 Crossbow

Finally, as this is 2022 not 2042, seasonal content means, yep, a battle pass is coming! Battlefield 2042 Zero Hour brings a 100-tier pass to the game, featuring free and premium tiers. Expect your usual array of weapon, character and vehicle cosmetics here, with 30 free rewards included. If you picked up an edition of Battlefield 2042 that already included the 'Year 1 Pass', the premium battle pass is included, along with access to the new Specialist.

Will you be giving Battlefield 2042 another go with Season 1's arrival? Let us know down below!