Xbox Bethesda Starfield

Starfield and Redfall might have been delayed recently, but we're still incredibly hyped for this pair of Bethesda titles to hit Xbox Game Pass in 2023. The latter of the two is due to appear at this year's Quakecon even too, which kicks off August 18th, and ahead of the event, some awesome merch has been been revealed by Dallas Pets Alive.

The US-based non-profit organization has created three designs based around three Bethesda titles; Starfield, Redfall and Ghostwire Tokyo. All three of these games are expected to launch on Xbox in the first half of 2023, and we just might have to pick up a shirt as we wait. Look at how cute these are!

What's more, the charity has since expanded to global shipping for the merch, which means yep, we can pick some up even across the pond! The three designs are also available on sweatshirts, bags and more, with the full lineup showcased here.

Would you play Barkfield? What about Redpaw? Give us your best animal/game name mashup in the comments below!