At Gamescom's Opening Night Live, a new Xbox announcement related to PC was revealed. Age of Empires IV will be getting not one, but two "epic" new civilizations in a free one-year anniversary update, arriving October 25th.

Players will be able to wield the strength of the Malians - with their wit and strategy or take control of The Ottomans - with powerful siege tools and the ability to rally large formations.

"Lead the mighty Malians of West Africa as one of the richest trading nations of all-time as you focus on strong economic prowess in mining and investing in gold. Or assemble one of the longest-lasting empires in history with the Ottoman civilization and its well-trained military force, which features the largest gunpowder siege weapon available – the Great Bombard."

This next update will also include new maps, achievements and masteries, previously announced alongside the Season Three content in the June 2022 roadmap. And if you can't wait until October, there'll also be a public update preview taking place next month. You can sign up via the game's website.

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