A Plague Tale Game Pass

Last week, A Plague Tale: Requiem developer Asobo Studio showcased another impressive gameplay trailer for its upcoming sequel, which hits Xbox Game Pass on day one. As with a bunch of 2022 games though, we always feared this one could get pushed to 2023, however, the developer has now confirmed this won't be the case.

That's because A Plague Tale: Requiem has officially gone gold! The upcoming Game Pass title is now locked and loaded for its October 18th launch, barring any pre-launch updates and day one patches of course.

The AAA scene has had a rough year regarding delays, especially when it comes to Xbox releases. Starfield, Redfall, Stalker 2, Hogwarts Legacy and more have been pushed out to next year, not to mention Forza Motorsport landing in Spring 2023 too, which is an unusual window for the series. Thankfully, A Plague Tale: Requiem will indeed hit Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass in just under two months, on October 18th.

Are you hyped for A Plague Tale's sequel? Let us know if you're happy about this news down below!