Right, here's a proper good look at A Plague Tale: Requiem ahead of its Xbox Game Pass launch in just two months! This new 'Gameplay Overview' trailer goes into pretty much everything about the upcoming sequel, including Amicia's new moveset and the variety of locales you'll be visiting throughout your next journey.

This one is looking very impressive, which isn't a huge surprise, given how good the first game was. A Plague Tale: Innocence was one of 2019's biggest surprises; a harrowing narrative adventure well worth anyone's time! (Unless you're petrified of rats, then, maybe not.)

Here's a written overview of what to expect from A Plague Tale: Requiem when it hits Xbox Game Pass on October 18th:

Embark on Hugo and Amicia’s next journey and venture south of 14th century France, before setting sail to a mysterious island out in the Mediterranean Sea. Brave a terrible fate and find a cure for Hugo’s illness thanks to Amicia’s new resources—including the use of alchemy to manipulate fire and the long-distance power of a crossbow, but also her cunning use of terrain and ability to wrestle out of an enemy’s grasp. Choose to strike from the shadow or to unleash hell, with the help of Hugo’s new powers: to perceive surrounding enemies’ movements while moving stealthily, and to manipulate hordes of rats to decimate entire squads of soldiers.

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