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It's been a while since anyone has truly shaken up the console platform trifecta. Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo have held it down for decades now, with Google Stadia's limp attempt to enter the market via cloud streaming not going down all too well. So, how about an 'NFT games console'? That's sure to do the trick...

Web 3 company Polium is attempting just that, apparently. 'Polium One' is a console that's purely NFT-based, both in regards to the games it'll play and the way you'd pay for content within its eco-system.

As for the power of the machine, well, none of these specs are confirmed as the team is still in the development phase at present. Still, the company is claiming its NFT console will be aiming to hit up 8k resolutions, 120Hz frame rates, and have ray tracing capabilities.

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The company has also shared an early concept of its controller design, which is set to feature haptic feedback, a sensitive touchpad and TouchID for logins. Oh, and a wallet button for quick access to, err, your wallet because it's all about spending money, right?

Anyway, if this thing ever comes to light, which we have our doubts about, it's aiming for a 2024 release for 'Holders' and a public launch in 2025. Let's wait and see if the Polium One becomes Xbox's next console competitor.

What do you make of an NFT console? Do we need to ask? Either way, let us know below.

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