Xbox Pushes Out Update To Fix 'Empty Home Screen' Issue

Xbox Engineer Eden Marie has once again taken to Twitter to give us a little more info on a recurring Xbox home screen issue. Certain users have been reporting that the frontend dashboard often fails to load properly, resulting in the inability to access 'My games & apps' along with other sections of the OS. Thankfully, a fix has now been applied.

It's a server-side update, so you won't see a proper local patch deployed to your console. Still, the Xbox team is hoping this will do the trick. You may need to perform a couple of hard reboots for the update to take effect, and if that doesn't fix the issue, Marie is hoping to get feedback from those still affected by the error.

We've noticed the issue ourselves recently, although sometimes our system has been in offline mode when detecting it. A reboot or two usually fixes things, but hopefully this server update eradicates the issue entirely.

It's good to get clarity on the situation, anyway!

Have you witnessed this problem on your console lately? Let us know down below.