Phil Spencer Aaron Greenberg xbox

It's no secret that Xbox has been pretty open about trying to break down barriers between console platforms. Xbox boss Phil Spencer routinely takes to the Twitter airways to celebrate the folks over at PlayStation and some of their high profile releases, not to mention Xbox's continued push for full cross-play support. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg feels that too, recently commenting on a PlayStation fan account that praised some Xbox franchises.

Greenberg feels we should all be celebrating various console platforms and the great games they all produce. Again, this has been typical of Xbox in recent times as the company becomes more open about its ecosystem.

It's had an effect too. As time goes by PlayStation becomes more and more receptive to cross-play, with the feature recently added to Borderlands 3, for example, where it was previously unavailable on that platform. This is all good news for us as fans, who get to play and celebrate games with much broader audiences.

What do you make of this comment? Should Greenberg be focusing his efforts on Xbox? Comment below.