Developer Teyon came out of pretty much nowhere with its Terminator: Resistance game a few years back; a title that now has a bit of a cult following behind it. Well, the same dev is now taking on the Robocop franchise with Robocop: Rogue City; a next-gen only FPS coming to Xbox Series X|S next summer.

Publisher Nacon is taking this one on, and at today's Nacon Connect event, the company finally revealed some Robocop gameplay. If you've seen anything on Terminator: Resistance this will look pretty familiar, but we have to admit, it's looking pretty impressive thus far with solid visuals that certainly fit the series' vibe!

The team is aiming for a June 2023 release date, on PC and next-gen consoles only. The graphics within the trailer show that Teyon is seriously punching above its weight, and we're already looking forward to going hands on with this one next year.

What do you think to Robocop: Rogue City? Impressed? Let us know!