PSA: Watch Dogs 2 Hits 60FPS Thanks To FPS Boost On Xbox Series X And S

One of the biggest surprises tucked into yesterday's Xbox Game Pass roundup was the inclusion of another notable Ubisoft title coming to the service. Following last month's Assassin's Creed Origins addition, we've now got Watch Dogs 2, an open world romp set in the famous city of San Francisco. But, did you know that Xbox Series X and S get a pretty neat advantage with this one as well?

Ubisoft's second Watch Dogs title takes advantage of Xbox's FPS Boost program, which means the game runs at 60 frames per-second across both Xbox Series X and Series S. Watch Dogs 2 never got a proper resolution boost so it's running no higher than 1080p on either system, but still, the boost to frame rate is very welcome indeed.

Because of this lack of resolution boost, there's no manual switch-on needed with this one — FPS Boost will be enabled automatically for Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox Series X and Series S. In fact, the whole series hits 60FPS on next-gen Xbox platforms, thanks to FPS Boost also being applied to the original game, and Watch Dogs: Legion adding a post-launch performance mode. Smooth sailing all round!

Will you be cruising around the streets of San Fransisco on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.