Poll: Are You Happy With August 2022's Xbox Games With Gold?

Microsoft has officially announced August 2022's Xbox Games with Gold, giving us a look at four more games we'll be able to play at no extra cost with our Gold memberships next month.

In case you missed it, the games are Xbox One titles Calico and ScourgeBringer, along with two backwards compatible Xbox 360 offerings in the form of Saints Row 2 and Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

The first games will be made available hopefully this Sunday, so we want to know how you feel about next month's selection, as well as which title you're most looking forward to below. Happy with the choice on offer for August?

Are You Happy With August's Xbox Games With Gold?
Which Of These Are You Most Excited For?

Let us know how you're feeling about August 2022's Xbox Games With Gold below.