We won't blame you if you have no interest whatsoever in playing My Friend Peppa Pig on Xbox Game Pass, which just got added to the service today, but achievement hunters and Microsoft Rewards users should still keep it in mind.

That's because My Friend Peppa Pig is a quick and easy completion if you're going after all the achievements, only taking up to an hour (and potentially as little as 30 minutes) to acquire the complete 1000GS on Xbox.

You can check out an easy guide to help you grab all 11 achievements in My Friend Peppa Pig in the video at the top of this article, and if you're looking for more easy achievement games on Xbox Game Pass, we've got you covered:

As for the gameplay in My Friend Peppa Pig, it allows you to "create your style, meet favorite characters, and play in Peppa’s world", and is described as "just like being in the TV show". What else could you want?!

Have you completed My Friend Peppa Pig on Xbox Game Pass yet? If not, why not?! Tell us down below.