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The Xbox 360 was a defining era in the history of Xbox. It pretty much put the brand on the map, exposing Xbox to millions through Xbox Live - and a fantastic, cutting edge console to boot. At the time, Peter Moore was brought in to help Microsoft market the Xbox 360 launch, and in a new interview, Moore has reminisced over his time working on Xbox.

While the console wars were definitely a thing back then — Moore even says Microsoft encouraged them — Xbox was still laser focused on launching the 360. It wasn't just the console itself though, the company had to get everything right, including the launch lineup, accessory line and of course, the levelling up of Xbox Live.

"My job was to come in, two years in advance of building what became known as the Xbox 360; 'Xenon' was its working title when I got there. We built not only the hardware, but more importantly the software, the services, the peripherals, everything that went with the Xbox 360 launch and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It was such an innovative console, again."

"Most importantly, if you will, Xbox Live finally getting going here and getting to scale, bucking the trend of the other guys for free, and we said look: we're going to build a world class service for you, it's gonna be $5 a month, and it's gonna be well worth it. And it was."

You can say that again! Xbox Live really did change the gaming landscape. Looking back, it's hard to think of a more defining feature of the 7th generation of consoles. Well, aside from those classic Xbox 360 gamerpics of course - who doesn't remember bubble gum boy?

What is your standout Xbox 360 memory? Let the nostalgia flow in the comments below.