Xbox Has Remastered A Bunch Of Classic 360-Era Gamerpics

It's an odd thing to have nostalgia for, but we do remember those old Xbox 360 gamerpics quite fondly. There was the racing wheel, the random doggo and of course, the bubble gum lad, among others. Well, Xbox has been so kind as to remaster a selection of them for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

We definitely remember the panda pic and the classic Xbox 360 ripples one from this selection too, ahh, the memories! The standout has to the beanie-wearing bloke though. Look at the detail on that new beanie!

Xbox has also included a selection of brand new gamerpics in this update, including some Starfield ones and a few others we don't remember from the 360 days. Still, it's those iconic 360-era pics we want the most, and it might just be time for a profile change, we think.

Do you remember these classic gamerpics? Let us know which you used to use down in the comments.