Xbox Leaker Spots Mysterious Twitter Account For 'Legends Game'

It's that time of year where leaks and rumours are commonplace - after all, we are just a few days away from the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 - and one of the games that might be revealed has been spotted on Twitter.

The person who has found this is known Microsoft Store leaker WalkingCat, as you can see below:

Clicking on the Legends Game account reveals... very little, actually. The profile name is "RK", and the bio links to (for those who aren't aware, Azure is the name of Microsoft's Cloud Computing Services).

There's some speculation that "Legends Game" could refer to the new Minecraft real-time strategy game that's been rumoured this week, but to be honest it's purely just guesswork right now. Hopefully we'll find out on Sunday!

It seems Team Xbox are trying to be very careful to avoid leaks - check out these codenames!

Any idea what Legends Game might refer to? Give us your best guess down in the comments.