High On Life Xbox Game Pass

High On Life garnered some much-deserved attention at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, for its distinct visual style and unique take on the first person shooter. Well, as it turns it out it was once a Google Stadia title, before Xbox scooped it up for a Game Pass release.

A new report by Axios details a couple of Stadia titles that are no longer associated with Google's streaming platform. The aforementioned High On Life was one such game according to the report, along with cinematic horror title The Quarry, before it was picked up by publisher 2K.

The Quarry2
Image: The Quarry, Supermassive Games

Neither title, or their associated developers, confirmed the Stadia link, but given that Google began to close down its internal Stadia development in early 2021, it certainly makes sense. Coincidentally, 2K began working on The Quarry shortly after that, with the publisher telling Axios that the developer "was looking for a publishing partner as the project came to completion".

Well, Google's reported abandoning of these projects benefits Xbox in the end. High On Life is super intriguing thus far, and we loved our time with The Quarry; we thought it was a "supermassive return to form" for developer, Supermassive Games.

Are you glad to see these two come over to Xbox? Let us know down below!

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