Sniper Elite 5 Game Pass

Sniper Elite 5 was arguably the biggest Game Pass launch of the year so far, arriving late last week. Rebellion's latest shooter got the thumbs up from us, as we labelled it "the best Sniper Elite to date". However, not many Xbox gamers went out to buy it, at least physically here in the UK.

GamesIndustryBiz has broken down this week's UK boxed sales, as the site does every week. Sniper Elite 5 has shot right to the top of the charts for the week ending May 28th, overtaking the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and Nintendo Switch Sports. However, the platform breakdown provides some interesting findings.

A mere 8% of Sniper Elite 5's sales were on Xbox platforms. Given the game is available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, and nobody really buys physical PC games these days, it's safe to assume the majority of that other 92% are PlayStation sales. Blimey.

Xbox Game Pass Header

This data not only shows how digital-focused Xbox is in this day and age (these figures don't include digital sales), it also shows just how much Xbox players are in on Game Pass. Sure, physical sales would've likely leaned PlayStation's way anyway — especially with Xbox Series S on the market — but a figure as low as this hints at how many Xbox players are accessing this title via Game Pass.

It'd be interesting to see the player count breakdown across platforms rather than just sales, but sadly, Xbox and PlayStation don't provide that info. Still, it's safe to assume the Xbox portion of Sniper Elite 5 players would be quite a lot higher than the 8% of physical sales.

Are you playing Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass? Would you have bought it otherwise? Let us know down below!