Xbox Destroys Haters In Response To Pride Controller Criticism

The Xbox Twitter account has managed to go viral over the past few hours in response to a couple of commenters on Twitter, who had unconstructive criticism to share about the new Xbox Design Lab Pride Controller design.

Xbox initially posted about the controller and its 34 flags, which attracted comments like "no one asked for this" and "L controller", resulting in Xbox issuing some responses that tracked up thousands and thousands of likes:

There's been a lot of positivity surrounding Xbox's retorts on Twitter, such as IGN's Senior Editorial Producer Mark Medina who told the brand to "never change" in a post that boasts almost 20k likes on the platform.

Xbox's Pride Controller design will be available today as part of Xbox Design Lab, which itself is also returning after a short hiatus. The design will remain available throughout the year, so you can pick one up whenever you like.

Check out the full selection of Design Lab controllers over on the official Xbox website!