Xbox Mobile Gaming

Among the swathe of Xbox announcements that Microsoft just unleashed on us, the company has revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming is expanding in a big way. Not only is the service coming to Smart TVs, it's also moving beyond the boundaries of the Game Pass library.

Later this year, "select games" will be available on Xbox Cloud Gaming that aren't a part of Xbox Game Pass. In that case, if you own one of these select games to play locally on your console, you'll be able to play it via the cloud too.

There is one small catch though. It appears that Microsoft still requires a Game Pass subscription to play these cloud titles, even if they're not directly a part of the Game Pass library. It's a little confusing we know, but yeah, Xbox Cloud Gaming seems to be tethered to Game Pass regardless of whether a supported game is in the library or you own it for use locally.

So far, Xbox hasn't detailed any of these upcoming cloud-supported titles, although given the feature will launch "later this year", we should know the initial lineup soon.

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