Xbox Donuts (3)

Last summer, us lucky folk in the UK were treated to an Xbox collaboration of tasty proportions. Basically, Krispy Kreme brought out "The Nexus Level Doughnut" to celebrate all-things Xbox, adorned with our beloved green X logo and stuffed with brownie butter. Delicious.

Anyway, the collab is back at it again this summer, and Forza is coming along for the ride this time. An altered variation of last year's doughnut is here once again, alongside a Forza one, containing a fruity raspberry filling.

As well as these two bad boys being available as is, you can pick up the new "Taste Adventure Dozen", which contains the chance to win one of 140 Xbox Series S consoles up for grabs, along with 12 delicious doughnuts of course. Simply pick up one of these limited-time dozens, available through July 3rd, for your chance to win.

Hero Feature White

For now, just like last year, these are UK-only Krispy Kreme delights. And yes, we will be trying these shortly, you know, for quality assurance purposes!

Will you be tasting one of these Forza doughnuts out this month? Let us know down below!