Are we finally, finally about to hear more about Ubisoft's open world pirate game Skull & Bones? This one has largely been in the dark — aside from leaks — since its announcement years ago now. Well, even more leaks are hinting at the game's planned release date, with store databases also showing planned mission packs and pre-order bonuses.

A well-known Microsoft Store leaker has pulled some Skull & Bones info from the store's backend, and it shows a planned release date among other details. That date looks to be set for November 8th 2022, meaning we should start hearing about the game in an officially capacity pretty soon.

The leaker has also spotted a selection of typical-Ubisoft day one DLC packs tied to Skull & Bones' release date. There's not a ton of info we can pull from these, but they do add more credibility to that reported release date.

Ubisoft's upcoming pirate adventure was first revealed in 2017, after being built out from an Assassin's Creed spin-off. It's safe to say development has been tumultuous since, with Ubisoft showing off very little of the game. Well, hopefully that'll change in the immediate future.

Are you still looking forward to Skull & Bones when it eventually releases? Let us know in the comments!