Update: Well, Sonic Central has come and gone! No major announcements here, but we did get a few interesting updates such as an extended look at Sonic Origins and the reveal that Sonic characters are coming to Fall Guys.

You can check out the full presentation in the video above.

Original story: This just in - Sega has announced it will be airing another 'Sonic Central' presentation today on 7th June. It's promising a "sneak peek" at some of its upcoming projects, partnerships and event Sonic-related events taking place this year. You'll be able to tune in on YouTube and Twitch.

Sonic Origins is out later this month, and the new 3D entry Sonic Frontiers will follow later this year, so perhaps we'll get updates on both of these games. Maybe Sega will finally say something about Sonic '06, which returned to the Xbox marketplace last month.

What would you like to see from this upcoming show? Leave your own thoughts down below.