Halo De Sync

Halo Infinite hasn't been short on controversy both before and after launch, with online player de-sync being a common complaint (among lots of other things) within the community. Well, one developer has decided to brave Reddit to update fans on what's happening in that regard, and it's safe to say the response hasn't gone down particularly well.

The gist of the update is that 343 is struggling to allocate enough devs to this sort of issue, as much of the team is working on other aspects of the game. "Other Infinite work" is all that's been said about those other aspects for now.

The comment originates from a reply to a video clip showcasing examples of de-sync during melee fights. The issue does seem pretty noticeable, as you can see in the example below:

Anyway, the team is of course aware of the issue and is looking into implementing fixes, but based on this response, we wouldn't expect a major update for it anytime soon. The team is still trying its darnest to get more content in the game, with Season 2 lasting until November 2022.

Have you noticed these de-sync issues, or have things been plain sailing for you? Let us know!

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